Connecting job Seekers with Employers


  • Temp Staffing
    • Shifting workloads. Changing deadlines.

      How fast can you adjust? With Konectors, your workforce has just become more flexible. Our contingent workforce solutions deliver the qualified people you need, when you need them.

      We recruit for your needs

      Our recruiting process is designed to find associates who can add business value in your organization from day one. Through our international network , we have unmatched access to a pool of skilled individuals in a wide variety of industries. We use proven and reliable job related assessments to pinpoint candidates' abilities and fit with your work environment. And, we work to build an in-depth understanding of your objectives to effectively match our associates to your needs.

      We reduce costs

      Staff up or down easily in response to business fluctuations, protecting your permanent workforce and controlling costs. With Konectors on your team, the costs associated with hiring, benefits, retirement, taxes and long-term compensation are reduced.

      We partner with you

      We work closely with your team to ensure our contingent staffing solutions support your workforce strategies. For many, we're the single resource that can manage all aspects of the contingent workforce - from recruitment to onboarding and safety to ongoing satisfaction measurement.

  • Temp to Permanent
    • Prove success on the job before you hire.

      The best way to predict a candidate's success is to observe that person in your organization, interacting with other employees and communicating with your customers. With Konectors temporary-to-permanent hiring strategy, you can see a candidate in action, and develop a true understanding of his or her skills and capabilities. Through our temporary-to-permanent hiring strategy, you'll achieve:

      Improved workforce performance

      • Only successful performers transition to permanent employee status
      • Transitioned employees already know the job and your company
      • Successful employees are more likely to be satisfied, and higher performers

      Cost savings

      • Voluntary and involuntary turnover are reduced
      • Decreased recruiting costs through experience-based hiring
      • Workload is being met during the hiring process
      • Greater control over the hiring process, including reduced time-to-hire

      Let Konectors find candidates with the skill sets and work style your organization requires. Then, build a better workforce with proven performers who can contribute to your bottom line.

  • Permanent Staffing
    • Find the needle in the haystack.

      Post an open position and you may get hundreds of resumes from job seekers with varying qualifications. It takes time and resources to assess and select the top talent, and all the while, your productivity is impacted by open positions.

      At Konectors, creating ideal employment matches is our mission. We have the expertise and a proven process to recruit, assess and hire for permanent openings. With Konectors permanent staffing solutions, you get right fit employees who are ready to contribute, succeed - and stay with you. Our process:


      We get to know you, your objectives and your company's background and culture. We visit your workplace to gain an in-depth understanding of the position, roles and responsibilities, and the ideal candidate.


      We develop a customized recruiting plan. We explore our network of passive candidates - top talent who may not be actively seeking a new job. To expand our search, we tap into our contacts and strategic alliances, such as civic and professional organizations.


      We start with a face-to-face meeting with the candidate that includes a customized behavioral interview. Next, top candidates participate in validated assessments to verify that they have both the hard and soft skills necessary for success. Finally, we conduct an in depth verification of the candidate’s professional references and work history.


      We select the most targeted group of candidates and present you with their profiles. We manage the entire interviewing process, then work with you to select the most qualified candidate and finalize job offer specifics.


      We present the complete offer to the candidate, managing any negotiation, to ultimately secure the final signed offer letter. When appropriate, we can also assist the candidate with the resignation process, helping to avoid potential counteroffers or conflicts of interest.

      Ongoing Follow up

      We work with both you and the candidate to make sure the onboarding process goes smoothly. Konectors can drive efficiency and quality in your hiring with permanent staffing solutions.

  • Co-sourcing
    • Co-sourcing is a business model where a service is performed by both staff from inside an organization as well as by an external service provider.

      Recruitment Co-Sourcing is an innovative approach which companies can use in order to attain all the benefits of an outsourced model while retaining complete control of the function and keeping their current staff and processes in place. This is a partnership where all parties together are responsible for the success of the project. Outsourcing can suggest that a company is ceding control of processes to an external party. By contrast, co-sourcing emphasizes the involvement of both parties.

      Built on the Recruitment Process Outsourcing model of Transparency through Reporting, Scalability, Metrics Driven Performance, High Candidate Quality and both Cost and Time of the Hire, the Co-Sourcing model is becoming a significant element in the business strategy of many enterprises. Implementing a Recruiting co-sourcing strategy can deliver many benefits, enabling HR to position itself as a leader of business change by providing access to new technologies, resources and thinking.

      Konectors' Approach

      Konectors, Inc is a customer-centric, technology-driven, global company that delivers effective recruiting solutions for our customers across multiple industries.

      We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver unequalled customer service as well as innovative and flexible recruiting support and solutions to meet our client needs and help drive client’s talent acquisition efforts forward. We work in conjunction with your team to meet the recruitment needs of your organization. All while ensuring each candidate has a positive brand experience.

      Our Co-Sourcing Approach is built on our fundamental principal being a scalable, world class recruiting team who only focuses in talent acquisition and retainment. What that means is that we take a strategic, consultative partner approach through which we try to understand our client’s needs and are able to deliver solutions that will assist our client in attaining their business goals.

      Co-Sourcing Benefits

      • Due to our recruiting processes being based on RPO models, our services can be offered at RPO level pricing while our clients retain full control of the recruitment process internally.
      • Allows customer to increase their recruiting coverage without increasing overhead.
      • Customer can retain any portion of the process or positions they feel need to be kept in house.
      • Extends current coverage to provide customers provide global solutions with our international reach.
      • Reduces employment liability. With our model, we function as an extension of your existing recruiting group on an as-needed basis instead of hiring contract recruiters or relying on high cost recruiting agencies where the client has no insight into their practices or how they are representing the client’s brand in the marketplace.

      Konectors’ Co-sourcing Solution is fully customizable recruitment depending on what our client’s needs are. We can be engaged to assist in streamlining to recruitment process in whatever way our client needs may require.

      Our services are tailored to your needs and can include:

      • Job Scoping
      • Job Boards
      • Resume Mining
      • Passive Candidate Recruiting
      • Resume Review
      • Structured Phone Screen Interview
      • Candidate Scheduling
  • RPO - Recruiting Process Outsorcing
    • Experience measurable improvements.

      world's leading companies have turned to Konectors Business Solutions for results-driven RPO programs. We find the right talent across a variety of skill sets by retaining high-performance recruiters who focus their energy on finding the best candidate for each job. We have the resources, talent and experience to manage hiring from start to finish or, we can manage a certain portion of your process globally or in a single location. We're flexible and our solutions are scalable.

      Gain Powerful Advantages:

      • High quality candidates
      • Lower cost-per-hire
      • Reduced cycle time-to-fill rates
      • Positive candidate and employer brand experiences
      • Improved diversity in candidate pool
      • Quantifiable and meaningful metrics

      To attract top talent, Konectors partners with companies to improve sourcing strategies, identify unique recruiting avenues, and drive a positive employer brand experience for the candidate. We create efficiencies through best-in-class hiring practices and technology alignment. Every solution is tailored to our client's specific challenges and business objectives.

      Unmatched Solution Offering

      Our spectrum of solutions includes:

      • Process design: Current processes are reviewed and solutions are developed for consistent service delivery through standard processes and change management.
      • Recruitment strategy: Hiring needs are researched; data and direction are combined with best practices to identify the most effective RPO model.
      • Candidate sourcing: Our high-performance recruiters use traditional and innovative sourcing methods to attract qualified candidates, both active and passive.
      • Screening: We continue to assess skill, ability and personality to gain insight into a candidate's capabilities. Recruiters then use behavioral interviews to capture feedback for review.
      • Resume Response: We combine advanced technology with seasoned recruitment skills to manage a high volume of resumes and ensure rapid engagement of quality candidates. Benefits also include a positive brand experience for candidates and time efficiencies for clients.
      • Hiring: We schedule interviews and manages de-briefing sessions. We handle communication with candidates and hiring managers as well as negotiations and offer management.

      Global Reach

      Konectors vast global network and our enduring role as a player in RPO services give us a distinct competitive advantage in the delivery of outsourcing services. We are unique in our industry for our strong track record of improving client performance through innovative talent solutions that raise productivity, mitigate risk and reduce costs. Our RPO solutions can drive measureable improvements in hiring timelines and recruitment costs for your business. Let us develop a competitive advantage for you.